I’m not a professional in the RC car hobby, but I’m very much addicted to it and try to do my own thing! But are there topics, videos, rebuilds, manuals or whatever you would like to see that you kind of miss on the internet? I personally like construction setsRead More →

This is my second ZD-racing RC car. It’s the little brother of the ZD-racing Thunder ZMT-10. This ZD-Racing Raptors MT-16 is a 1/16 scale rc car with a K2435-B 3300KV Brushless motor and 35A ESC. I do like this little car it’s not that fast ( in the description itRead More →

I bought this Tamiya TT01D some time ago, and its time to start working on it! I forgot to take some pictures of the “before” chassis, so there some pictures of the disassembled chassis! As you can see its a box full of nothing now so lets see if IRead More →

I personally really like rc kits! That’s why I bought this HSP 94111(Brontosaurus) kit! I bought it already quite some time ago but never used it after assembly. These HSP kits are quite cheap, about 80~90 dollars. Except for the motor, ESC, Servo, body and battery everything is included inRead More →

In my last video my ZD-Racing Thunder ZMT-10 lost the will to move 🙂 So i have partially taken it apart! In this video a little update and possible upgrades i can do to make the ZD-Racing Thunder ZMT-10 more suitable for the beach! If you have any ideas letRead More →

This is the second DF-02 chassis that I bought. This one came without body and a broken rear upright. Luckily they started selling the Gravel hound body again and the other parts are reasonable available here in Japan. I also took this one completely apart and build it up again.Read More →

For this build I will use the HSP 94123 chassis with the Lancia Delta Integrale shell. Both from my earlier posts. I use wheels with a diameter of: 73/52mm (With/Without Tires) and a width of:26mm (See picture below). The aluminum chassis is made for a 3650 or a F540 motorRead More →

Tamiya Rising Storm (DF-02) Rebuild

Recently i bought two Tamiya Rising Storm’s (DF-02). I think before rebuilding both of them I will put a big motor in it. I have an 3670 brushless motor with an 120A ESC laying around so I will use that! I gave up on the bigger motor idea for theRead More →