I bought an Tamiya Neo Scorcher which is based on the TT-02B chassis! It’s a 1/10 scale shaft driven 4WD chassis. It’s comes unassembled, so you have to do the assembling yourself. The Tamiya TT-02B chassis is highly upgradable. There are all sorts of aluminum, graphene, FRP and carbon parts available, therefor I did buy some upgrades before starting the assembly of the Tamiya Neo Scorcher TT-02B. In time I will do more and more upgrades which makes it fun also I think!

Tamiya has a really good manual on how to assemble the Tamiya Neo Scorcher TT-02B kit, therefor I’m only posting some picture of my progress.

Upgrades so far!

  1. TT-02B / TT-01 Full bearing set [OP-497] (necessary I think).
  2. TT-02 Aluminum Propeller Joint [OP-1502].
  3. TT-02 Aluminum Propeller Shaft [OP-1501].
  4. TT-02B FRP Rear Damper Stay Set [OP-1557].
  5. TT-02B FRP Front Damper Stay Set [OP-1556].
  1. Chassis.
Tamiya Neo Scorcher TT-02B Chassis

2. Assembling the driveshaft with spur gear

3. Drive shaft assembled!

4. Assembling the differentials (2x)

5. Differentials and gear covers assembled.

6. Assembly of the lower suspension arms [OP-1815], TT-02B FRP Rear Damper Stay Set [OP-1557], TT-02B FRP Front Damper Stay Set [OP-1556] and the front and rear bumper!

7. Now its time for the front and rear uprights, dog bones etc.

8. Assembling the shock absorbers!

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