I have an unused Tamiya TT-01 Type-E chassis laying around an will be converting it into a rally car! this is easily done by making some mods to the frame!

1. First you have to remove some plastic from the front and rear bumper (part B6), which blocks the lower suspension arm to go more downward! See photo below. There are some sort of lines you can cut along. The plastic is actually quite soft so be careful not to mesh up your bumper!

This mod gives you about 24mm ground clearance in the rear and about 22 in the front! This in combination with the wheels I’m using which have a diameter of 70mm!

The picture below shows what it should look like!

2. If you use the standard gear/diff cups then you have to adjust the gearbox joint like in the picture below! Or you can upgrade to some new Wide-angle universal drive shafts with new upgraded gear/diff cups, these are smaller so you don’t have a problem with the upper suspension arms!

3. In my case I had to put some spacer between the steering arm and the steering cup! Because it has very little moving space.

Upgrades for the Tamiya TT-01 type-E Rally Car Conversion!

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