I had the idea to convert my Tamiya TT-02 either into an Short course truck or an Monster truck! (Note, this is not a TT-02B with bigger wheel) I don’t know if this is already done before but I give my take on it! My initial idea was to make it so that I can easily switch between the Tamiya TT-02 and TT-02 conversion one! But if I can find a cheap second hand TT-02 chassis, I think I will keep this one as a TT-02 Short course truck or a monster truck!

I also want to use parts which I have laying around from other cars!

Step-1: Lower arms.

First I had to widen the car to be able to fit the 1/10 scale wheels. I have done this by using the lower arms of the TT-02B. They almost fit, the front lower arms do fit but have a little space on it, so I think I will put a little filler ring in between! The rear lower arms are a bit to big so I will cut about 0,5 mm from the lower arm.

I also needed some longer suspension pins! They have to be around 46 to 48 mm long I think! I used 46 mm long pins (these I could find).

Step-2: Upper arms.

For the upper arms I’m using 2 different solutions, just to see if it works ok. In the front I’m using the camber adjustable Eagle front upper arm and in the rear I’m using the Tamiya TT-02 Adjustable upper arms. Of course I had to adjust them with longer turn buckles to make them fit!

How I assembled the upper arms, front and rear.

Step-3: Uprights and drive axles.

For the upright and steering cups im using the TT-02B B-parts Uprights. I only could get them in white but it looks ok. For the axles im using the Eagle rear TSD joint shaft + joint cup for TT-02B. I also use these rear axles in the front because the Eagle front axles are a bit to short!

Step-5: Front bumper

For the front bumper I used a Wltoys A9x9 metal Front And Rear Collision Plate (A580047). Buy it here! It’s easy to assemble it to the Tamiya plastic bumper!

I also upgraded the drive shaft [OP-1501] and joints [OP-1502] to aluminum with an High Speed ​​Gear Set (68T) [OP-1500] and with ball bearings!

I’ve been using it for a few times now and I’m not disappointed at all! It’s quite fast and surprisingly strong somehow. On the beach I drove over rocks and hit rocks but it’s still ok!

Future updates!

There are a lot of upgrades possible for the Tamiya TT-02 frames! So little by little I will buy some upgrades to make it better.

  1. I definitely need a better servo and steering set because it’s to slow and there is a lot of space on the steering!
  2. New and better shock absorbers.
  3. There are steel diff gears and spur gear available, but they are quite expensive!
  4. For the rest some aluminum upgrades.

If you have questions, please let me know!

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