Out of the box I really do like the HBX Protector (12815)! This is my second HBX and both of them are above expectation! They are reasonable cheap and amazingly strong! So far i only broke the servo arm after I hit a wall. It’s not the faster car, but it’s also not needed that much i guess. BUT…. I like speed so I upgraded it with an brush-less motor. I’m using an 2845 3930KV Sensorless Brushless Motor with an 35A ESC, which can handle 2S and 3S Lipo’s. I think this is the maximum motor size that fits. The servo is not a standard size servo, it’s a bit smaller. Therefor I used the Feiyue FY-S3 2.8KG Servo with metal gears!

I can really recommend the HBX Protector (12815) to someone who is thinking to get into rc cars! They are quite cheap and strong, and if you want to do upgrading, parts are available and it’s quite easy to upgrade!

The HBX Protector (12815) is an 1/12 scale sand buggy and originally the HBX Protector (12815) comes with an RC 390 brushed motor and an 40A ESC! It runs on two 3.7 V 1500 mAh lithium-ion batteries. The battery holders are integrated in the car frame and I’m not particular fond of this battery system! Originally the HBX Protector (12815) supposed to have a top speed of 30Km/h, but I’m not sure it goes that fast!

HBX Protector (12815) Buy it here! or here!

Feiyue FY-S3 Servo Buy it here!

2845 motor Buy it here! or Here!

Driving the HBX protector on an 2S Lipo!

I did some speed runs on 2S and 3S Lipos. You can see the results in the video below. Driving the HBX Protector (12815) on 3S is definitely more fun but its really stressful for the spur gear. After 2 runs on 3S the spur gear is gone!

After the speed runs I had some fun with HBX Protector (12815) on 3S.

So far I have not found an metal spur gear or some other solution, therefore, I think for now, I will keep running it on a 2S Lipo, because I don’t want to keep buying new spur gears!

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  1. im going to upgrade like above for my hbx protector….i need a combined esc/receiver also. What do you recommend ? Thx !

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