I personally really like rc kits! That’s why I bought this HSP 94111(Brontosaurus) kit! I bought it already quite some time ago but never used it after assembly. These HSP kits are quite cheap, about 80~90 dollars. Except for the motor, ESC, Servo, body and battery everything is included in the kit. The only thing I found a bit unclear is where to use which screws! But there are plenty of screws included in the kit and with a bit of logical thinking it’s not that difficult!

The HSP 94111 comes with an aluminum chassis and upper bridge/support. It uses 8 aluminum shock absorbers which is a bit much, if you want to replace them it’s a bit more expensive! It also comes with an metal spur gear which is really nice. Most kits like Tamiya have a plastic spur gear which is ok for normal use but if you want to use a 3S lipo the the plastic gears wear of quickly!

The HSP 94111 Kit (Brontosaurus) is also really great if you like upgrading! There are tons of aluminum parts available in different colors!

I personally enjoyed assembling it so if you like it, Buy it here! HSP 94111 or if you want a RTR buy it HERE!

Motor and ESC. Buy it here or here!

I took the HSP 94111 to the beach to have some fun with it, but the ESC kept shutting off possibly because of overheating! The frame of the HSP 94111 is quit heavy. Therefor I think a 60A ESC doesn’t cut it. Next time I will use a 120A ESC and see how that goes!

2021-02-03. I took it the HSP 94111 to the beach again, this time with an 120A ESC. It worked perfectly. No overheating or whatever! So because of the weight of the HSP 94111 you definitely need an bigger ESC.

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