Tamiya TT-02 On-road to Short course truck conversion

I had the idea to convert my Tamiya TT-02 either into an Short course truck or an Monster truck! I don’t know if this is already done before but I give my take on it! My initial idea was to make it so that I can easily switch between the Tamiya TT-02 and TT-02 conversion one! But if I can find a cheap second hand TT-02 chassis, I think I will keep this one as a TT-02 Short course truck or a monster truck!

I also want to use parts which I have laying around from other cars!

Step-1: Lower arms.

First I had to widen the car> I have done this by using the lower arms of the TT-02B. They almost fit, the front lower arms do fit but have a little space on it, so I think I will put a little filler ring in between! The rear lower arms are a bit to big so I will cut about 0,5 mm from the lower arm.

I also needed some longer suspension pins! They have to be around 46 to 48 mm long I think! I used 46 mm long pins (these I could find).

Step-2: Upper arms.

Step-3: Uprights and drive axles.

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