This is my second ZD-racing RC car. It’s the little brother of the ZD-racing Thunder ZMT-10. This ZD-Racing Raptors MT-16 is a 1/16 scale rc car with a K2435-B 3300KV Brushless motor and 35A ESC. I do like this little car it’s not that fast ( in the description it says 40km/h but I’m not sure about that) but for its size its ok I think. It also comes with aluminum shock towers and steel drive shaft. I haven’t done any upgrades on this car so far.

One thing I don’t like about this car is that there is no protection cover for the spur- and pinion gear!

Buy it here! ZD-Racing Raptors MT-16

Some action with the ZD-Racing Raptors MT-16! Its a bit of a long video so skip trough it if you want!

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