There are a lot of videos on YouTube on how to paint a body shell. These are really helpful i found. But for this paint job i’m just going to follow the instructions included with the body shell. I’m using this body shell with my HSP 94123 chassis.

Tools you need:

  • Body scissors
  • Body reamer
  • Detergent for cleaning the body
  • cloth
  • Paint of your choice
  • A mask

First i trimmed the excessive part of the body and made the holes for the body mounts according to my car body. This took me some time because i don’t want it to be off center so that it looks weird. So take your time and don’t hurry! When that is done i cleaned the car with detergent and water. Let it dry and put the masking stickers for the windows on the inside of the shell.

Tamiya Lancia Delta Integrale Shell 1/10

Now it’s time for the fun part, painting! I will paint this body in the original color. This body only uses one color and is therefor quite easy to paint. If you use more than one color, then start with the darkest color and after that the lighter colors. The original color for the Lancia Delta Integrale rally car is white, so therefor i’m using Tamiya paint PS-1 (white).

Apply a thin layer of spray paint about 30 cm from the body and repeat this 2-3 times so that the whole body is evenly covered. Let the paint air dry or to speed it up the drying process you can use a hair dryer. Now, after the paint has dried remove the window masking stickers.

Sofar it turned out quite well i think!

For the windows i used Tamiya spray paint PS-31 (smoke) this gives it a bit of a tint. In the hood there are some hood vents, these i also painted with PS-31 smokey color. Just cut out the foil protection layer. When it’s all dried up remove the protection foil.

Now that the painting is ready, it’s time to mount the spoiler, mirrors and grill on the body! Simultaneously i start with attaching the stickers. There are a lot of stickers for this body shell which is quite time consuming. luckily the stickers are pre-cut which makes it a lot easier.

For the spoiler i used paint PS-1 (white), for the grill i used PS-31 (smoke) and for the mirrors i will use PS-5 (black).

As expected attaching the stickers was some work but in the end i think this shell turned out quite fine.


Where to buy: Lancia Delta Integrale shell (note: this is a finished product) or here!

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