This version of the HSP 94123 comes as a completely disassembled set and it doesn’t include the motor, ESC, servo and receiver/transmitter. I personally really like assembling these sets and you can decide yourself what motor and ESC you want to use. Of course these sets are quite cheap but the quality, to me, is quite good. I don’t have the money to buy expensive brands like traxxas or arrma therefor i concentrate on the cheaper rc cars.

Buy it here: HSP 94123 model racing Drift Car 1:10 Frame kit, Or if you like the all aluminum version HSP 94111 PRO

RTR version buy it HERE!

The finished product:

1. First we will start making the Front uprights + steering cup.

2. Front differential.

3. Rear differential.

4. Assemble rear differential together with the spur gear, motor mount etc.

5. Assemble the front lower arm with the front differential!

Where to buy:

HSP 94123 model racing Drift Car 1:10 Frame kit

6 thoughts on “HSP 94123 Chassis build instruction

  1. Great build. I also bought this frame from the same seller. Do you have any manual for this?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Yeah sry I haven’t finished this blog post yet but I will send you some stuff tonight! The only thing is where to use what screw, so you have to be creative with that!

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