I also bought this Tamiya Avante Mk.II second hand from Yahoo Auction. It’s in really good shape, therefor i don’t have to do much work on it. I really start liking these older chassis but they are not really fast, but we will see when testing the buggy.

The Avante Mk.II is also based on the DF-03 chassis, just like the Keen Hawk and Dark Impact. The DF-03 chassis is an 4WD chassis and has a center driveshaft. It’s equipped with an RS540SH motor, Sanwa SX101z servo, a Sanwa BL-Force ESC and a RX231 receiver. The body came unpainted so I can paint it what ever color i want! I went with Tamiya PS-59 (Dark Blue Metallic). I think this is the original color but i’m not sure! I’m also wondering if should put on the original decal set? I’m not that big of a fan of the original decal set. Let me know what you think of the color!

I have ordered some other shock absorbers, orange and blue ones. Maybe i will use the orange ones for this buggy but i’m not sure yet. If you have any ideas for other upgrades, Let me know in the comments!

I also decided to put a brushless motor in it. So I used an 3650 motor with and 60A ESC from one of my other cars. I think it’s even possible to use an 3660 motor or even an 3670 motor! Although that’s a bit overkill i think. But choose a motor where the wires come out of the back! And there is also not much space for the ESC, Please measure before you buy! The ESC from my other car was to big therefor i have to buy a smaller one.

Motor and ESC that may fit. Buy it here or here

So, I bought 3 different secondhand ESC`s and they all seem to fit. For this car i will use an YR (Yeah Racing) 35A-SL ESC. The ESC came without banana connectors and it came with an faulty Tamiya plug, but these are minor problems.

Update 2021-01-25.

I’m changing this Tamiya Avante Mk.II to an on-road version. I’m lowering the chassis with new, smaller shock absorbers. I’m going to buy some on-road wheels!

Having fun with my Tamiya Avante Mk.II On-road! I think it handles really well! It’s stable and the 3650 motor with the HPI ESC on 3S makes it quite fast. I definitely recommend the brushless upgrade! I hope I can drive it on better asphalt soon!

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