This Tamiya Keen Hawk is in really bad shape! So lets see if we can turn it in something great looking! I think the previous owner had a lot of fun with it and gave it a good beating, seen the condition of the chassis. Some parts are broken as you might expect from a junk item, so we will replace them. Some parts are quite difficult to find due to a production stop by Tamiya.

Watch my first video on this rebuild. More videos will follow! Please check back now and then!

Main parts that are missing or are broken:

  • No body. The Keen Hawk body is quite difficult to find so im not sure which one to use. The bodies that fit on the DF-03 are Dark Impact, Avante MK2 and Keen Hawk.
  • Rear differential housing is broken.
  • One driveshaft is missing.
  • Chassis is heavily worn off.

Today the the new chassis and lots of other parts arrived. I was lucky to find the A-parts here in Japan.

Update 2020-07-31.

After a long time i finally did some work on this car rebuild. Actually it turned out that most of the plastic parts were quite damaged so I was only able to use the mechanical parts like gears, drive shafts and so on. It’s almost a new car.

Latest update. Apart from the body and electric parts, this car is finished. I have been looking for a body but so far I’m unable to find one.

Update 2020-10-21.

After a long wait Tamiya finally started producing parts again. So I immediately bought a body for this build. Unfortunately the Keen Hawk body is extremely difficult to find or out of production. Therefor I have to settle with a Dark Impact body, which is perfectly fine for me.

I also have the servo, motor and ESC ready to be installed.

Motor: Kyosho R246-8305B MC-010 Brushless Motor KV-5000 Sensorless

ESC: HPI FLUX Reload V2 60A

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