Recently I bought this Tamiya Super Hotshot together wit an Tamiya hotshot II and an Tamiya Thundershot frame. In this post i will be rebuilding the Super hotshot. But looking at pictures and some manuals i think this is an Tamiya Supershot. As you can see in the pictures a lot of parts are missing but i think i have collected all the parts that i need for this rebuild.

These older cars are a bit more complicated then the newer cars i find. There are quite some parts and i’m trying to reuse most of the parts. Later in the post i will make an list with all the new parts.

Rear gearbox assembly. All the gears are in good condition

Update 2020-08-27.

It’s slowly coming together. I probably should paint the little guy now but i’m a bit lacy, so i’m going to leave as it is for now. The only thing, so far, that could be a problem are the front drive shafts. I bought a new set but the diameter is smaller than the old ones. I think the original drive shafts are not sold anymore but maybe the popup somewhere for sale!

At this point i’m also thinking about the color for the body. I don’t like the original gray color! If somebody has an idea for a color please let me know!

New parts:

  • 3 x 50 mm both screw shaft (1 piece) * After parts * [15310002]
  • 3×71mm Double screw shaft (1 piece) * Aftermarket parts * [15310001]
  • Set plate (4 pieces) *After-parts* [19808143]
  • Gear case guard * After-parts * [14305139]
  • 4 x 22mm pipe (1 piece) * After parts * [13580028]
  • Hot Shot D Parts (1 piece) * After Parts * [10005116]
  • Hot Shot Front Drive Shaft (2) After Parts [19808128]
  • Hot shot ball plate (4 pieces) *After parts* [19805123]
  • Hot Shot Suspension Arm (2 pcs) *After Parts* [19805125]
  • Hot Shot E Parts * After Parts * [19005866]
  • Hot Shot Battery Plate *After Parts* [14305119]
  • Off-road block tires (rear) (2) (hot shot) * After-parts * [19805111]
  • Off-road block tires (front) (2) (hot shot) *After parts* [19805110]
  • Hot Shot Chassis/Mechanical Box *After-parts* [19335482]
  • Superhot short F part aftermarket [19005867]
  • R part (hotshot) After part [9115192]
  • Undergard (hotshot) aftermarket [19335639]
  • Superhot Body/Wing After [19804558]

The latest update!

Next thing to do is installing the motor and painting the body and take it out for a spin!

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