Recently i bought an old Tamiya Thundershot. The overall condition is not to bad. It has some visible broken parts, rust and dust. The electronic part is still working, therefor I’m not sure if i keep the old electronic parts or replace it with a brushless version! What do you think? My goal is to restore it as original as possible but parts are really hard to find. Now said that, I read on the Tamiya website that the 30th of May this year they will do a re-release of the Tamiya Terra Scorcher 2020 (47442) which, i believe, uses the thundershot body. Hopefully these parts will come available!

Broken/missing parts:

  • Body Shell
  • Wheels
  • Rear bumper
  • Some wheel hubs

Soon i will start taking it completely apart clean it up and see what else is missing or broken.

Saturday May 30, 2020

I have started taking apart the car and cleaned some parts, like the chassis, wheels, bumper and some other little things. Unfortunately all the bearings are plastic bearings. I have some bearings for a TT-02 frame maybe some fit or i just buy some new ones, have to look into that. As far as i can see now only one wheel hub is broken, i hope those are still available somewhere, otherwise i will put some other new wheels on. Which could be very nice too, seen that the original plastic wheels are a bit damaged.

I also bought an another Thunder shot chassis for parts picking. I will just choose the best parts from both. Some screws and the driveshafts are quite rusty so i hope on the spare chassis these are in a better shape!

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