I bought this Tamiya TT01D some time ago, and its time to start working on it! I forgot to take some pictures of the “before” chassis, so there some pictures of the disassembled chassis! As you can see its a box full of nothing now so lets see if I can make something nice of it! It supposed to be a drift chassis but I’m not that much into drifting therefor I’m going to make a on-road racer of it! So that I can drive it around crazily. I will be using a Tamiya Nissan R390 GT1 body and some TRF shocks.

New parts!

So I’ve started with this rebuild, progress is slow but i will get there some day!

1. Assembling the driveshaft!

2. Cleaning and assembling the diffs!

3. Fixing the front and rear, lower and upper arms.

4. Assembling front and rear diffs, shock, arms etc.

I’m using TRF shocks!

5. Assembling front and rear upright and dog bones.

6. Assembling the steering arms.

7. Assembling carbon upper deck, wheel hubs, etc.

I’m almost ready! I only have to do some small parts, after that I have to cut and paint the Nissan R390 body!

I was planning to use the Tamiya Nissan R390 GT1 body but some how it doesn’t line up nicely therefor I went with the Tamiya Toyota GR Supra body! This was my first paint job and it needs some work still!

Tamiya TT-01D with Toyota GR Supra body

I finally put an motor and ESC in it and took it outside for a spin! I think it drives very well!

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