In my last video my ZD-Racing Thunder ZMT-10 lost the will to move 🙂 So i have partially taken it apart! In this video a little update and possible upgrades i can do to make the ZD-Racing Thunder ZMT-10 more suitable for the beach! If you have any ideas let me know in the comments!

So after taking it apart for the most part it’s obvious that the differentials are filled up with sand and also the motor has some sand in it! Upgrades that I’m thinking about are, making the differentials more sand proof, close the holes in the motor so that the sand is not entering through there! I also have an aluminum chassis plate for a long time laying around and will install that too!

Part 2 of the rebuild!

Fixing the 3650 motor!

If you take the brushless motor apart, be careful not to loose the little filler rings inside of the motor! For the rest it’s actually quite easy to clean! In the picture below, you can see how the motor is build up! This may vary with other brands I guess!

New parts for the ZMT-10 so far! To keep running it on 3S, I bought a metal spur gear! The rear axles were bend so they need to be replaced! i also bought a new body and some metal rear uprights!

  • ZD Racing 7201 Upgraded Metal Reduction Gear – Buy it here!
  • ZD Racing Metal Wheel Carrier Rear 7189 – Buy it here!
  • ZD Racing 10421-S 10427-S Rear Axle No.7190 – Buy it here!
  • ZD Racing 1:10 10427-S Transparent Car Shell 7382 – Buy it here!

My second step in this rebuild is painting the body! I’m using Tamiya PS-46 (Iridescent purple/green) paint and its quite a fun color combination to use for once!

So I have completely rebuild in now and I think it looks cool so far! I also put a new electronics set in it because i think the old 60A ESC is a bit to light for this car! I bought one set, 3650 motor with a 120A ESC and a 20kg servo, because the old servo is not strong enough!

Motor + ESC set buy it here!

I also bought nice new wheels, seen I broke one of the original wheels!

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